August 7th, 2011


STS 135

So, Sarah & I are watching a couple of documentaries from a week or two back, one covering the final Space Shuttle Atlantis mission and the other a more general history of the Shuttle program. We're also talking with vague degrees of enthusiasm about visiting one of the American museums where the surviving orbiters are or will be displayed; all have differing merits - Kennedy Space Center is possibly the most appealing, as it will house the Atlantis, as well as, well, being the Kennedy Space Center; I'm also quite taken by the idea of The California Science Center, home of the Endeavour, because I've been talking about us possibly going over to that neck of the woods again some time, having had an enjoyable time when we were in Pasadena for BotCon '09. I'd love to pay visits to Long Beach and Santa Monica, where we spent some enjoyable time, and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory is over there too, somewhere I know Sarah would love to visit if we can time it right.

The costs, however, are a bit offputting (£400 - £500 return each...), but I'm sure we can cross that bridge.