August 10th, 2011

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Writer's Block: Live action hero

Which is your favorite or least favorite comic book-turned-movie?

I think my least favourite would probably be the Tintin live action movies that were made in the '60s (I think), purely because I was expecting them to be animated and my tiny little infant brain (well, I would have been about five?) couldn't quite compute them being live action. I'd actually be quite interested to see them again nowadays, to see what they're like. I suspect I'd quite like them.

ETA: Ah, according to this review, Tintin and the Golden Fleece was shown once on UK TV, when I was eight, and Tintin and the Blue Oranges not at all. And both films are now out on DVD in the UK, thanks to the BFI. Yay!

Favourite, although admittedly I've not read the graphic novel, is probably Kick-Ass, just because it lives up to the name. I've normally got a pretty low tolerance threshold for gore, but this exceeds it but manages to appeal anyway, probably because it's so ludicrous fantastic. A darned fine piece of film making. Reminds me, must see X-Men: First Class...
Balderdash gang

TV heads up.

New series (the fifth) of Only Connect starts up next Monday. Usual place (BBC4), usual time (8:30pm. I think). With that and University Challenge well into the first round, Monday nights feel vaguely normal again. And I get to use my Victoria Coren userpic, which I first made back when she was doing Balderdash and Piffle. Anyone who recognises the quote on the userpic...let me know. The first to get it right, I might buy a drink or something, by way of a little prizelet.
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

With the usual apologies for Flist-spamming...

...but I'll stop now, honestly...

Was anybody else totally, utterly underwhelmed by Trollied? Anyone who actually watched it, I mean? The two episodes broadcast last Thursday made me laugh - actual, proper laugh as opposed to smile a bit at something vaguely amusing - precisely once, and that was at probably the crudest joke in the programme. I think maybe the mistake was to describe it as a sitcom, 'cos there's not much "sit" and very little actual "com". Pity, 'cos I love Jane Horrocks, and it was interesting to see Jason Watkins in it too. But as supermarket-based sitcoms go, this makes Tripper's Day look like a major classic of the genre...

(It's easy to knock Tripper's Day, but at least that made me laugh.)