August 16th, 2011

Harry Potter - Shall I make a cup of tea

All kinds of ***YAY***!!!

So, the new series of Doctor Who (or rather the second part of the current series) has finally been confirmed as being on August 27th, despite the fact that everyone has known it was going to be then anyway largely 'cos BBC America had already announced they were going to start that day, and there was no way the BBC were going to let BBCA get it first but the BBC only confirms things under a couple of week in advance unlike BBCA (or American telly in general) which seems to have confirmed this about a month and a half back.

This puts it smack bang in the middle of the chez Brider open house/housewarming - to which, if you haven't already made a commitment to anything over the Bank Holiday weekend, and you're one of my or Sarah's friends or family either on LJ, Facebook, or IRL, you're more than welcome - just let us know in advance so we can have an idea about numbers. It's going on all weekend (from Friday evening, technically, until sometime circa Monday afternoon), so don't worry if you're busy one day, you can always make it on another day. The Facebook Event page for it is here. And yes - Doctor Who watching will happen. It is fore-ordained.

I'm generally feeling a lot perkier than I have done for some time - a combination of taking the anti-depressants regularly, attending counselling sessions, getting a firmer grip on how to deal with negative emotions, and finding some of the get up and go I need to do housework (tea helps, hence userpic). When I was talking to the counsellor I described it as sort of having two extremes, where minus 10 is the absolute pits of despair, and plus 10 is the absolute heights of ecstasy. I've never been much of a plus 10 kind of a person anyway, but when the depression gets to me, minus 10 for days at a time (not quite weeks, thank God) is not unknown. Now, however, I reckon I'm fairly consistently at about plus 3. Maybe plus 4 (no golfing joke intended). Which feels good.

So yeah, am finally making some inroads into tidying and cleaning the house. Still a way to go, but hopefully it'll be vaguely habitable by the housewarming.

Had a very pleasant meal out on Saturday with my parents (well, mum and stepdad), out at Loch Fyne in Chelmsford. On the negative side, we discovered on the way back that our car headlights weren't working. Not sure whether the bulbs have blown (it seems a bit odd that they'd both go together), or whether it's some kind of electrical fault. Not looking forward to finding out how much it'll cost to set right (hopefully not too much, though). That's kind of important, as the nights are going to start drawing in. Also, Sarah's passport has definitely gone missing. That's less vital, but even so it's a bit annoying that she's got to apply for another one so soon after losing the last one..!

Also on the negative side, Sarah won't be able to get annual leave for our planned holiday in the Lakes at the start of October. I'm going to be taking a week off work then anyway, for a bit of unwind time. Might try to make a point of meeting up with folks, but expect to spend most of the time at home.

Have now started watching Battlestar Galactica (new version), and have now watched the miniseries (which I know I'd watched the first half shortly after it aired, but I didn't recognise the second half at all...) and the first four episodes, and am enjoying it, and yay! Outer space battles!

And on Saturday, Sarah picked up a cheap copy of Stargate on DVD, so that can be a new fandom. At some point. When I've also bought all of SG1 and SGA. Erm. *g*

So yeah, things = good. :o)