August 23rd, 2011

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Writer's Block: Scary movie

What is the scariest horror flick you’ve seen?

As anyone who knows me at all well will testify, I really am ultra-squeamish when it comes to graphic displays of blood and gore, so won't normally put myself in a position where I might see anything that might disturb me along those lines (psychological scares are different). So the scariest thing I can remember seeing would probably be something that my mum and I once came across whilst channel hopping; my sister was with us, so I'm not sure exactly when it would have been apart from fairly late one night; I'd hazard a guess at mid-to-late eighties. Anyway, it was the film Britannia Hospital, in which a man is...rather graphically, IMO, dismembered. We soon turned off, but I still can't get it out of my mind, it was really very unpleasant.