September 2nd, 2011

I play retro games

Am kind of annoyed that I've only just found out about this... I suspect it would probably be of interest to quite a few folks on my Flist. And indeed me.

The Greatest Video Games Music performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra

Lots of advance notice - it's happening, erm, tonight. In fairness, it was only reported on the BBC tech news page today. Oh well. If anyone in London wants to go and see it, there's the information. Looks like it could be entertaining (the LPO playing the Angry Birds music? WANT!!!).
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Not exactly "recommendations", but...

...I listen to the Three Counties Radio drivetime show on Friday, 'cos it's the arts & entertainments hour and you hear a lot of interesting stuff. Today, for example, I heard this guy being interviewed and they played some clips of his music and I thought, "hmm, sounds good." Thinking I might check out his CD and maybe take Sarah to see him, 'cos I suspect she'd like the sounds he makes, although none of the dates on his forthcoming tour are really practical for us:

(And here's his website.)

And last week I heard a guy from the stage show Million Dollar Quartet being interviewed, and checked it out on Youtube. For those who don't know - and forgive a copy & paste from the website, the show "tells the electrifying story of the night Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins and Jerry Lee Lewis came together to make music, and ended up making history," and is "inspired by the actual event, that took place on 4 December 1956 at Sun Records in Memphis," and features "over 20 classic hits." This is a clip of the guys from the show performing at West End Live in Trafalgar Square in June. It sounds lovely, just classic old school rock and roll, played and sung well. Right up mine and Sarah's streets, and I suspect if we go to see it we'll take Rita along for the ride too, as it's sure to be the sort of thing she'll like. (To put this in perspective, one birthday we treated her to a Bootleg Beatles gig.)