September 6th, 2011

QI - Smarties tubes

The perils of being a telly addict.

New Mock the Week this Thursday. New QI on Friday, plus its XL version on Saturday (and a making of as well - could be interesting). Planet Dinosaur starting next Wednesday, new Spooks (the last series - *sob*) the week after, UniChall and Only Connect on Mondays, Doctor Who continuing on Saturdays...and in the meantime I'm also Sky+-ing Stargate SG-1 from Sky 2 in the vague hope that I'll get round to watching it some vague day (handwaves vigorously), and I've now realised they're transmitting them two episodes an evening, which is about the rate I can get them off the Sky+ box onto the computer ready to burn to disc so I'll be stuck permanantly at 20% free space on there, and I'm thinking, erm, maybe it's not worth it? Just, I dunno, ask a kindly relative to buy me the full series boxed set for Christmas, or something...

The one bright side is that Torchwood is ending soon. Not that I don't like it, just that that means I can get it all into the computer and burn it to disc and then make that a completely pointless effort by going out and buying the DVD.

(And yeah, I'm also Sky+ing Trollied, purely because Jane Horrocks is in it. I don't actually like it or anything like that. Mmph.)
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Speaking of Jane Horrocks...

...(which I was), this looks seriously interesting. Disappointing that "each [story] is led by one of the...big names," but they're "overlapping love stories," so hopefully there'll be some shared screen time. No word (that I can tell) about an airdate - I'm wondering from the half-hour run time if they might be going out in a daytime slot. But should be interesting.

And how long before Jane Horrocks finally gets to appear in Doctor Who?