September 16th, 2011

Star Wars - Vader Da Boss

In today's "news we've all been waiting for"...

Chocolate is good for you!!! Well, a bit. Ish. Sort of. With caveats. And even though I heard it on the radio yesterday, the Guardian story was published a couple of weeks ago. But anyway. "Yay," with reservations.

Also, for any science peeps on the Flist (I saw this and, naturally, thought of Sarah), Nasa's Kepler telescope finds planet orbiting two suns. (Gotta love the way they're emphasising the Star Wars connection...)
Mitch Ikea


The good: currently sat in the office, printing letters and stuffing envelopes - it's vaguely monotonous, but it keeps me occupied. And it means I can enjoy listening to Mitch Benn & The Distractions' Too late to cancel, an utterly brilliant album.

The bad: vague sensation of depression rearing its head. Probably just a temporary thing, but rather annoying more than anything else, as I'm doing a bit of flashbacking and wanting to visit...old places. I can juat about afford the fuel to work and back every day, never mind going elsewhere at weekends.

Oh well - couple of weeks from now Sarah and I will be off on holiday to Swanage. This, as George Orwell would have put it, is doubleplusgood.