November 16th, 2011

Doctor Who - nightmares animated

Writer's Block: Tea for two

If you could spend a day with any fictional character, who would it be and what would the two of you do?

The Doctor. We'd spend the day travelling in time and space, defeating the forces of evil, and (in my case) persuading him to let me spend way, way more than a day with him and to bring huntingospray along too.

Now, I wonder how many other people on my Flist have said much the same??! :-)

ETA: Shockingly none so far. Go on Flist, you know you want to!
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Cracking screen, Grommit.

Aiming to put my iPhone in my pocket, missing, and then accidentally standing on it after it's hit the ground = not a desperately good start to the day.


Anyone know how easy it is to replace (or get replaced) an iPhone screen, or could this be the excuse I need to (finally) get round to upgrading from a 3 to a 4 (G or S)?
Doctor Who - The windows are the wrong s


Current plans for Tuesday 29th November:

8:30am - collect wristband for Torchwood signing from HMV (presumably after queueing for a while).

2:00pm - get iPhone screen replaced

18:00 - get Torchwood DVD signed.

Anyone in or around London want to help me fill in the extra hours with meet & geek stuff? I've also got all of the next day off for the following day's Brilliant Doctor Who Book signing at Forbidden Planet, so similarly, anyone want to meet up?

In other news - with less than a week to go, HMV and Westfield Stratford have finally confirmed details of a Doctor Who series 6 DVD/Blu-Ray signing - featuring Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, and the lesser spotted Arthur Darvill - plus Q&A talk thing. Man, I'd love to go, but I've just booked a couple of days off work to do the Torchwood/Brilliant Book signings, and to be honest, I can't 100% justify the cost of the DVD (although as I've got slightly more in my account than I thought I had, it's sort of tempting). But really - confirming an event about six days ahead of it happening? I mean, it had been vaguely mentioned as happening in DWM, then appeared for a day on the HMV website before vanishing again swiftly...most people, I suspect, are unlikely to commit to an event like this without pretty definite confirmation that it's happening, particularly as it's going to involve booking time off work (or bunking off school..?). I can't help suspecting that this one might be poorly attended. Between that and the overpriced Official Doctor Who Convention (Massive Events' 11th Hour seems like a far better deal), the BBC aren't exactly doing themselves any favours right now...
H2G2 - logo


I love the original Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy radio series, and all the various spin-offery which I've experienced, with the obvious exceptions of the appalling 2005 film and Eoin Colfer's ill-judged (IMO) follow-on novel.

I love Dirk Maggs' H2G2 Tertiary, Quandary, and Quintessential phases adapatations of the third, fourth and fifth novels in the series. To the extent that I listened to them twice last week.

I love Douglas Adams' Dirk Gently books.

I love Dirk Maggs' radio adaptation of the first Dirk Gently book.


...for some reason, I just can't get into the radio adaptation of the second Dirk Gently book. I know not why, but I actually find it something of a chore. It could be that I'm doing something wrong.

I also recall that when I first read The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul, all the Norse mythology kind of reminded me of Tom Holt's Expecting Someone Taller, which I'd only read a year or two before. I'm not sure if they're that similar in plot, but. EST remains the only Tom Holt book I've actually read, despite quite liking it and vaguely meaning to check out some of his other works.