December 3rd, 2011

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That new BBC Christmas promo... know, this one:

I have only two main problems with it:

1.) Consider Yourself, however many sleigh bells you play over the top of it, is hardly the most Christmassy song in the world ever.

2.) Would it kill them to have found a BBC celebrity who can actually, like, play the piano? (Mentioning no names, but I believe Arthur Darvill is quite a capable pianist. Oh, sorry, I wasn't going to mention any names. Oh well.) Much as I like Graham Norton, it's pretty obvious that he's just plonking his fingers randomly on the keys with little regard for the tune he's miming to. I know, maybe I'm too much of a muso geek, but heck, I notice these things...
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Watching #livingwiththeamish... really is a fascinating series. There's a lot about the Amish way of life that I find really appealling. Not everything - I doubt I could cope with a lot of the manual labour the men do (barn raising?), nor would Sarah take kindly to being expected to do the domestic chores (swap us round, though, and we'd be in our element), and doing without TV, the interwebz, my music collection and gadgets in general would, I suspect, drive me stir crazy, but even, some aspects of that simplistic lifestyle seem very pleasant. I suspect it'd be a good way to refresh and revitalise my faith.

On which note, Sarah's been talking about going on a retreat next year (possibly a silent one). I might join her. A whole lifetime would drive me mad, but a week or two could be very useful...