December 7th, 2011

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Am rather miffed...

...that I can't find my fob watch because unless I open it I can't get my real identity back because it was going to form a part of my eighth Doctor costume tomorrow (and also, it was an engagement present from Sarah).

Still, it's bound to show up eventually. Might have a ferret around the house tonight. Then I can go as the seventh Doctor and stuff the ferret down my trousers. And I now have a sonic screwdriver, a TARDIS key and (thanks to multiclassgeek!) a cravat to top off the basic clothes, so I'll kind of look the part. :-)
H2G2 - logo

As I don't have... copy of the fabulous H2G2 radio script book to hand, can anyone tell me the name of the music that plays in Fit the Second when Ford and Arthur waking up on the Heart of Gold and thinking it's Southend, etc? It sounds really rather wonderful and I'd like to be able to get hold of a copy without Simon Jones and Geoff McGivern waffling over the top.