January 17th, 2012

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Writer's Block: A Bright Idea

What do you want to invent?

Something that nobody else has invented yet.

Or...I could invent something that has already been invented, then travel back in time and file it at the patent office. Fire, perhaps. I could make a fortune retrospectively inventing that!

Of course, that would mean inventing a time machine. Which would also be cool. One question: DeLorean or Police Box?
Doctor Who - 2010 logo

File under "yes, very much please".

In this week's Radio Times (the one with Karen Gillan on the cover), Noel Fielding is interviewed, and after saying that he wouldn't mind it if there was an English remake of Mork and Mindy as Mork would be the perfect role for him (I can see that, actually...), the next bit of the interview runs as follows:

Do you hsve your eye on any other roles?
I wouldn't mind being on Doctor Who. I like the guy who does it at the moment* and I thought David Tennant was amazing, but next I think we need an androgynous slightly dippy Doctor who gets everything wrong...

I would pay to see that. Mr Moffat, please could you bear this in mind..?

*But seriously, Noel, you lose points for not knowing Matt Smith's name. Tch.