January 23rd, 2012

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

TV fun

So last night, Sarah and I finally got round to watching A Night with the stars, Brian Cox's "quantum physics made slightly less impossible" prog from before Christmas (my head still slightly hurts..!), followed by the first of the new series of Time Team, which even though I doubt I'd ever think of it when listing my top ten favourite programmes is an absolutely marvellous piece of television. I know it's not made by the BBC, but it's the sort of thing I bet Lord Reith - he who said that the BBC should exist to educate, inform and entertain - would have been proud of.

(I will admit, though, to a slightly wrong feeling of, "now why don't they do an episode where Tony and the team investigate the castle of a 15th century nobleman whose family crest was a black snake..?" Anybody who'd like to write that crossover - or if it already exists, point me in the direction of it - would earn my fond admiration!)

Best bit of both programmes was seeing Sarah enjoying herself. I love seeing her happy and having fun.