February 14th, 2012

H2G2 - logo

I must stop having Ideas.

So, listening to the original radio series of The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy (in a kind of bizarre attempt to cheer myself up; that's "bizarre" as in "listening to a programme in which one of the characters is a manic depressive android, in order to lift my general feeling of depression. Erm"), the usual thought hit me - there are large chunks in which I far prefer the delivery, acting, and/or incidental music in the TV version (which, as it was my first experience of H2G2*, will always be "the original" for me).

And from that, my brain had An Idea, which originally was quite simple and was this - why not do an audio rip from the DVD of the H2G2 TV series and listen to that instead?

But my brain then went on to overly complicate the Idea, by thinking, wouldn't it be neat to then edit back into that audio rip all the bits from the radio series that didn't make it into the TV version? Little bits like extra bits from the Book, the Lady Cynthia Fitzmelton scene, Eddie at the end of episode 2 post-credits, the "Marvin humming Pink Floyd on the surface of Magrathea" scene, the real name of the worst poet in the universe (that bit could be a Bit Of A Challenge, actually...)...

No good can come of this... Oh well, when I've got a free week or two...


* Well, apart from leafing through my stepdad's copy of the novelisation, coming across the phrase "is green, yes," and thinking this was obviously written by someone for whom English wasn't his first language. IKR. ^_^