February 22nd, 2012

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

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Have just remembered there was a new episode of Ringer last night.

Looking forward to seeing that. :-)
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Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Today's positivity post

Good things from the last 24 hours or so.

  • This weekend Sarah and I will be seeing the lovely multiclassgeek and the lovely zoeiona.

  • Got the washing up done when I got home last night. Well, most of it. It's a start.

  • Watched another couple of episodes of Eternal Law last night. Really enjoying Zak's snarky moments. Tweeted Sam West to ask if he'd ever appear in Doctor Who, if asked*. As the Doctor, possibly. No reply yet, but he's a Who geek, so he'll probably say "yes".

  • Seem to have provided some encouragement for entorien to re-start her "Post Something Positive" posts, which were partially an inspiration for my gratitude journal/positivity posts. And they're welcome, because I always get a kick out of reading about things that are making other people happy.

  • Opened my hymn book to have a look at the songs I'm playing at tonight's Ash Wednesday service. Okay, that's as far as it's gone so far, but there's two I know, and the other three don't seem too difficult (two Iona Community ones, and a Graham Kendrick). I'll need to practice them when I get home.

  • Remembered this morning that there was a new episode of Ringer last night. Don't know when I'll actually get to watch it (might try to put it onto my iPhone and watch it on the way into London tomorrow**), but it's nice to know it's out there. Somewhere.

  • Thanks to a comment in a Friend's LJ, came across this rather wonderful-sounding recipe for potato and smoked mackerel dauphinoise. As I like smoked mackerel and potato, I might try my hand at it at some point.

  • This week's Amazon "putting a dent in my wishlist" purchase was Pop! Remixed by Erasure.

  • Finally finished reading Wicked. Next up, Kate Griffin's The Neon Court. If I end up getting the coach tomorrow, I should have enough time on the journey, and then after the cinema, to make some good progress before the evening's signing. I might actually be able to tell her what I think of it. :-)

*Yes, he has already, but one of them was audio only (admittedly rather a good audio, but even so) and the other was in the most universally derided story ever (which was also a charity special), so neither of them properly count.

**Assuming I go by coach or train. If I drive, I think watching a video is kind of a no-no...