March 2nd, 2012

Stephen Fry - what he said


One of the stories I have in mind to write is what could broadly be described as a pastiche/parody of the "religious artifact blockbuster" (in which category I noticed another entry last week; given my interest in the Turin Shroud, it's tempting...but anyway, I digress). I notice that over this coming weekend one of the TV channels (either Ch4 or Ch5) is showing The granddaddy of them all, The Da Vinci Code*. So I'm thinking...should I set Ye Olde Skye+ Boxe+ to record it? Of course, it would then mean watching the blasted thing for research, but OTOH I won't have to actually buy the DVD or, even worse, buy the book and read that...


*Dan Brown's lawyers have advised us that Holy Blood, Holy Grail, is not in anyway related to The Da Vinci Code, absolutely not, nosirree.

PS: Oh, wonderful! On the wikipedia entry for The Da Vinci Code, there's a reference to Stephen Fry's description of it as "arse gravy of the worst kind". Bless. I do adore Stephen Fry. :-)
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop


Engelbert Humperdinck is to sing the UK's Eurovision entry this year. I'm torn. My initial thought - beyond vague surprise that he's still alive - was that this could be a bit like that Father Ted episode where the Eurovision entry is the one least likely to win because they actually can't afford to host the contest next year (given the current financial crisis, I suspect that's true of most countries though...some more than others, admittedly). It certainly doesn't seem, on the face of it, to be a sure fire winner.

On the other hand, it's such an off-the-wall idea that it might work. Probably needs to be some sort of Bacharach & David-esque number. IMO.

Still, I'd quite like Pet Shop Boys to do Eurovision one year. I know it's mostly down to international politics rather than the merits of the actual songs, but heck, they know a thing or two about appealling to the European market.