March 10th, 2012

Pooh - bear of very little brain

Can anyone give me advice here?

Does one actually need a 3D TV to watch something in 3D? I mean if I buy a 3D Blu-Ray and play it on our - HD, but otherwise nothing special - TV, whilst wearing a set of those polarising Joo Janta peril sensitive glasses we got down at the local multiplex when we saw Transformers 3D, will we see the film in 3D, or does it not work quite that simply?

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop


Why the blazes are there so many fascinating looking books out there? I can't afford them (mind you, picking them up for 1p + p&p from Amazon Marketplace is kind of useful), we haven't got much room for them, and I have three shelves full of books waiting to be read and a pile by my bed. And yet I keep getting drawn to bookshops like iron to a magnet.

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Am rather childishly amused... the fact that PertweeDoc's statement, "we're all in mortal danger," is immediately followed by a shot of the newspaper-clad Morris dancers of doom. Yay, for they're the ones who'll bring about the "end of the world" shenanigans, not Azal or the Master.

Also? Monday 19th March. Buy it. Just saying. It is rather made of awesome.

Welsh flag

24 -3

We are both rather tired here at chez Brider, but Sarah is v. happy about the rugby result. Didn't seeb the match, but happy about the result.

Four down, one to go.