April 22nd, 2012

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

I'm not sure...

...what the technical term is for murdering a hymn (hymnocide, whilst obvious, doesn't seem quite right), but whatever it is, I've just done it, five times over at the evening service. Well, two, maybe three at a pinch, were tolerable, but the first and last I was absolutely rubbish at.

It's actually left me feeling quite down. Not major depressed down, but certainly "anyone who wants to send me virtual hugs and pictures of cute kittens and puppies would get my undying gratitude" down. Followed by "if I drank alcohol I'd have a glass of red to cheer me up (but as it is, I'll settle for full strength Ribena)" down. And then "time to watch something to cheer me up" down.

Sees the Jonathan Creek staring at me. Decides.