May 3rd, 2012

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Some Assembly required...

Sarah and I are going to see Avengers Assemble on Saturday. And if she likes it lots, we'll see it again on Monday. :-)

I didn't even know it was one of her fandoms until I told her I was going to see it last weekend, and she piped up that she'd like to see it too.

Last night, pretty much the first thing that happened after she'd got back from her silent retreat was that we had an indepth discussion about the continuity of the Avengers universe. Well, I asked questions, she gave the answers. :-)

Is it terrible that I had no idea that X-Men and Avengers existed in the same universe?
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Oh, now that's worrying...

...I just spent about a minute staring blankly at the computer screen trying to work out what I was meant to be doing next.

(Clue: exactly the same thing as I've been doing for about the past three hours or more...)
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Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop


So, Lauren Socha's not going to be in the fourth series of Misfits.

That's a shame. Three of the original cast members gone between series 3 and 4. I hope it continues to be worth watching - series 3 was, IMO, one of the most consistently entertaining programmes I've ever seen, and most of that had more to do, IMO, with the wonderfully ludicrous concepts than with the cast per se (I mean, it helped that they were good, but any lineup of good actors would have been equally enjoyable), but even so, it's going to be strange going into series 4 with only one of the original characters left...

OTOH, Being Human managed it...