May 8th, 2012

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

More Avengers stuff..., it's not my new main fandom or anything, but Sarah and I saw it over the weekend and it's still marvellous. Sarah then went and saw it again last night. I don't know if I'll see it again at the cinema (might, might not, see how it goes), but we'll definitely be getting the DVD/Blu-Ray when it comes out (apparently there's a good half hour of deleted scenes; there's also the US-only post-credits sequence, which I'm kind of miffed we didn't get in the UK, but fair dos - we got the whole film ahead of the US for a change...).

In the meantime, Sarah picked up both Iron Man films over the weekend, as on the whole Tony Sntark was one of my favourite characters in the film.

As for one of my other favourite characters in the film...I read this morning that a Black Widow film is definite - I can't find anything to confirm that, but Scarlett Johannson has been saying she's up for it if it happens, so this makes me feel pretty optimistic.

Also, this exists, and it's by Paul Cornell, so *grabbing*.

And...Bruce/Tony, anyone?
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Rather wonderful computer tech issue...

From this rather wonderful site.

This story was told by people from Motorola and is supposedly included in every microcontroller training course Motorola gives.

Test flights of F-16's were being conducted in Israel. The F-16's were doing low height rounds. On approach to the Dead Sea, the whole navigation system suddenly reset itself. The daring pilot landed the bird. HQ called up Motorola and ordered a team on the spot ASAP. The ground tests went perfectly, but every time the bird went airborn, it rebooted.

The pilots were getting restless. Flying on the border of hostile territory without navcom, with the Arabs pointing their earth-to-air missiles at anything that moves, wasn't that pleasant. Neither was debugging the whole navcom in-flight. Then someone figured it out.

The height of the Dead Sea relative to world sea level is -400 meters. As soon as the F-16 reached sea level, the navcom did a divide by zero, crashed, and rebooted.