May 30th, 2012

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop


So, I'm doing a Thing. The Thing involves gradually replacing my rather extensive audio tape collection with CDs of the same. This is not always possible, because not everything in my collection has ever been released on CD. We'll cross those bridges when we come to them. But for the most part, I've been ferreting around on Amazon and finding CD copies of the cassettes in my collection, and for the time being bunging them on my Amazon wishlist.

Sometimes, as I've commented on here before, they're available at really rather wonderful prices - because, seriously, 1p + £1:26 postage & packing is not really to be sniffed at. And you can even get some marvellously obscure titles for that sort of money. (Little open challenge - can anyone tell me why this album could be particularly of interest to people in one of my Googling...)

Some titles, though, are a little harder to get hold of - this, for instance. I really love the tape, shows. It's got horribly worn with age, the songs sound terribly muffled, I'd love to replace it with a nice decent CD copy, but...used from £23:74? I don't think so. And some of the prices it's on offer for are even worse (up to £125:00).

But...I was able to get hold of a vinyl copy of the album for £4:00 or so (from these guys, who I probably ought to visit some time), and did the whole importing it into my computer, cleaning up the sound - click removal, denoising, a bit of normalising and compressing and amplifying and bass boosting - and now I've burned it to CD, all for...well, a fraction of what it would have cost me to actually buy the CD. So I'm a happy bunny about that, as you can imagine!

Other stuff I'm pretty happy about - both Monday and Tuesday I got home from work and did some tidying up and washing up. I didn't have any particular goals for either apart from a set quantity I wanted to work towards (I'd like to get all of the washing up done at some point, but I figure it's pointless setting myself targets that I can't reach and then getting depressed 'cos I don't achieve them). But I met my targets on Monday and Tuesday, with the result that the kitchen table is now clear of stuff, as are the stairs up to the lounge (I am rather disappointed that Sarah didn't notice the latter). And I put some important dates for things Sarah and/or I are doing over the next few months on our planner/calendar thing. When Sarah got home on Monday night, she accused me of "being organised," which I thought was a bit harsh, but on balance probably about right...

Not sure what I'll achieve tonight, but nevertheless I feel kind of good about life right now...
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

What just happened?

I think I actually followed an episode of Lewis. I mean okay, it was still a bit unnecessarily twisty and turny, but a vast improvement on the first in the series (red herring on red herring, and haven't we had one or two clinical drug trials plots before?) or last week's (in which they bumped off Julie Cox in by the end of the first part, boo, and then all the suspects turn out to have known each other at uni 20 years earlier and the culprit was almost completely out of left field).

But yeah, I enjoyed it. :-)