June 22nd, 2012

Me and Sarah


Sarah and I have been known to joke about the extent to which either of us count as mature and responsible adults. "Growing old is inevitable, maturity is optional," as a birthday card we once saw said (celebrating, IIRC, my grandfather's 85th. Nuffsed.), and I did once declare to my mother, "I want to be like Peter Pan and never grow up."

Nevertheless, in the 24-hour post-anaesthetic period, I need to have a Responsible Adult to look after me, and Sarah is being my Responsible Adult, and is doing a darned good job of it. At times like this I've often been known to comment that I don't know how I'd cope without her. She assures me that I'll never have to find out, which is lovely. :-) I've also been known to comment that I don't deserve her. When she's within arm's reach, she responds by slapping me, which is less lovely. Erm.

Anyway, I ♥ my gorgeous Osprey.

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