August 9th, 2012

Mini me

I have...

...a vague sensation of only just holding it together today.

I hope that sensation goes away. It is Not Very Pleasant.
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Doctor Who - Fantastic

Oh. My. God.

Excuse me while I squee like a mad thing, but something that a lot of people (myself included) have been saying Really Ought to Happen, has just been announced:

...a special BBC TWO drama has been commissioned to mark the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who next year.

An Adventure in Space and Time will tell the story of the genesis of Doctor Who since its first broadcast on 23 November 1963. Exploring all aspects of the longest running science fiction series to date, the special one off 90 minute drama will also look at the many personalities involved in bringing the series to life.

Written by Mark Gatiss, it is Executive Produced by current Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat and Caroline Skinner. The single drama was commissioned by Ben Stephenson Controller, Drama and Janice Hadlow, Controller of BBC TWO.

BRB, squeeing madly...
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop


...okay, I'm still struggling a bit to come up with a name for this Torchwood-esque group for the story I'm working on, I've been thinking a bit about the guy who heads up the organisation, and also vaguely toying with some dialogue scenes. Heck, I've even given the guy a name (Phelps; not sure of his first name, although definitely not Fred...), and I'm sort of envisaging him being played by Jonathan Pryce, who (should it ever be made into some sort of drama) would, I feel, give him the right quality of camp menace (cf his Master from The Curse of Fatal Death). The young hero, Danny, I've sort of got in my mind Tat Whalley (if anyone remembers him) from circa the early '90s.

One of the nice things is that in rationalising it, he's become less of a darker-than-dark villain, and actually someone who's kind of on the side of the angels (although I'm trying to work out an ending now that isn't a cop-out. This is difficult...), and also something happens that can kind of tie into a future story that I've got in mind...not a sequel as such, but just something that's set in the same universe, so to speak.

Anyway, I've sort of decided that I'm going to dust down my old writing journal/community, brider_writing, as a place to post bits of this as a work in progress. Because I'm vaguely hoping/intending that if/when I finish this I might make some kind of attempt to get it properly published (or failing that, at least self-publish), I'll be posting there behind a Friends lock, and I would ask that anyone who reads the comm respect my wishes and not share anything wider than the comm. However, if you'd like to join the beta/readthrough team for this and possible future works of mine, feel free to join the comm.

(If you're reading this via Facebook or Twitter, you'll have to set up a Livejournal account first. This can be done free of charge, and you don't have to actually post on LJ to lurk on the community. However, if you do that, please let me know who you really are! If I don't recognise you, I'm not likely to let you join the comm, and it's moderated so that's kind of an issue...)