August 14th, 2012

Doctor Who - Eleven sunglasses

Disappointing news...

Okay, it's not earthshatteringly appallingly bad news, but...

Just got the Radio Times through, the one that covers Saturday 18th - Friday 24th August.

In the column for the issue after that - i.e., the one that covers Saturday 25th - Friday 31st August, including the Bank Holiday - there is no mention of Doctor Who. Which means it probably won't be back that weekend. Could be, but normally the RT would promote it to the hilt.

I've not heard of any official announcement of an air date yet, but most of the speculation seemed to be either August 25th or September 1st. I guess the latter looks more likely. Which is annoying from a personal point of view, 'cos it means that the fifth and final episode of that block will be going about the time Sarah and I touch down in Spain.

So dear internet, do not be posting any spoilers that week. Or it may sulk at you.