August 30th, 2012

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

The Power of Three things.

a.) Doctor Who movie-style posters for the forthcoming 5/13ths of a series released - see here.

b.) Am I alone in thinking that there's something not very security conscious about the fact that on Amazon, to look at orders I've already made I have to log in with my password (despite the fact that my laptop is set to remember my password anyway), whereas if I click the "order with one-click" button it just accepts that I am really me without question? What if I'm drunk and randomly order loads of things (okay, no chance of that happening...the "drunk" bit, anyway) or someone else pilfers my laptop and runs me up a nice several-hundred or more pound series of orders on there?

c.) Time to get ready for work. :-)
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

You've reached the life model decoy of Sainsbury's

Okay, so...anyone on my Flist who's an Avengers fan (y'know the drill, we're talking the Iron Man/Hulk/Captain America/Black Widow/Thor/Hawkeye superhero combo, not John Steed and Tara King), were you aware that there's a Sainsbury's exclusive version of the Blu-Ray that comes with a special documentary on the bonus disc? (Apparently it's charting Marvel movies in general, rather than being a specific Avengers making-of.) huntingospray, I guess that means we're, well, buying it from Sainsbury's?

I'm actually a bit miffed about the rather minimal number of extras the release contains (and let's be honest here - if the deleted/extended scenes don't contain the post-end-credits Schawarma scene that wasn't on the UK release, I'm sure I won't be alone in being even more miffed). I can only assume there's some sort of proper whistles and bells release planned with things like cast and crew commentaries, a decent making of, etc.