September 16th, 2012

Star Wars - corridors


Just got a photo of myself for driving license purposes.

Sarah took one look and said, "scruffy-looking."

Admittedly, given the instructions they issue (remove headware, remove glasses if possible, don't smile, look "neutral") they're never going to look great (if I'm not smiling I tend to look miserable), but "scruffy"? I resemble that remark. It's designer stubble.

Mind you, I want to have some harsh words with the designer to find out what he had in mind, but.

Honestly, next thing she'll be calling me a nerf-herder...

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Star Wars - Vader Da Boss

Oh dearie dearie me...

Thanks to spending a bit too much time on TV Tropes this evening*, I've just been laughing like a drain at this description (with lots and lots of screengrabs) of a poorly-subtitled Chinese pirate DVD of Revenge of the Sith (or Backstroke of the West, to give it its proper name).

(Caution: some of the poor aubtitling probably counts as "not really work safe".)

I had actually been thinking about watching RotS anyway. But after this, I'm not sure I'd be able to take it seriously.


*This is, of course, the only amount of time it's possible to spend on TV Tropes...