October 8th, 2012

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Am at work.

Rather pleasantly - despite having forgotten to take my antidepressants yesterday, and despite having bemoaning the onset of post-holiday blues, I'm not feeling too bad right now.


  • Have got used to mornings starting at 10:00am. Had to wake up at about 6:30am today. Who said mornings could start that fragging early? Wasn't me. Checked with Sarah, and she insists it wasn't her either. Any of you guys want to take responsibility?

  • As predicted, am having fun and games remembering exactly what it is I do and how I'm meant to do it. This could keep me occupied most of the day. Bear with me. Steep learning curve ahead.

  • Am rather narked that I bothered setting up my voicemail on the nice new 'phones we have, seeing as over the entire duration of my holiday I seem to have received a grand total of, let me see, precisely zero messages. Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, baaawww!!!

  • *ahem*
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Alternative to what, exactly?

I don't make a big secret of the fact that I love music. And for me, the period that can't be beaten for music is the 1980s. There was - IMHO - some really great stuff out there during that particular decade, and it's the decade I really started listening to pop music seriously. So often, when I'm in motorway services, I'll buy one of those multi-disc compilations of '80s music to add to my already bulging collection. Yesterday I noticed, and eagerly snapped up, a Ministry of Sound compilation, Anthems - Alternative '80s.

I can't fault it - it's great, a lovely little slab of tunes, some of which I have really fond memories of, some of which are rather new to me, and scanning the track list, only one of which I might be inclined to flick past through boredom.

I have, though, a couple of issues with the title.

One is the fact that it's called Alternative '80s. Okay, this isn't a major issue, but from what I can tell at least a couple of the songs hail from the 1970s instead. Like I say, not a massive flaw, but I'm a pedant so I notice these things.

The other is the fact that it's called Alternative '80s. 'Cos to me, "Alternative" kind of implies some way off the mainstream, songs that maybe made the indie charts but wouldn't be terribly well known amongst the general record-buying public.

However...Collapse )

Oh well. Not bad bang for your buck. Or at least for your £10.
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop


How awesome will this be? (I'm guessing "lots", although the comments on Youtube seem to convey a degree of negativity...)