October 26th, 2012

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Things to do.

Take car in to get rear light replaced
Collect Citalopram from GP
Lots and lots of tidying and cleaning round the house
Forbidden Planet tonight for mass signing including, but by no means limited to, Kate Griffin. Followed by a quick bite at Nando's, then joining Sarah to take the coach home.

New piano delivered.
Lunch with Sarah's mum.
Practice hymns for Sunday morning. On new piano.
Skyfall? Looper?

Playing piano at morning service.
Afternoon of rest.
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Bizarre unfamiliar feeling.

Most people who know me at all well will know that I am something of a hoarder.*

It's not a deliberate thing, it's just that I have this thing of, if I've paid good money for something I don't see why I should get rid of it. And, for some reason, I'm constantly adding to the piles of things I already have.

So, generally speaking, I keep hold of what I've got, and it takes a massive effort of someone else's will to persuade me to part with my possessions.**

So the sensation I had just now, whilst tidying up the dining room to make way for our imminent new piano was rather a strange one, which at first I had difficulty processing.

But, y'know what? The 19 year old word processor that never worked properly after one of my sister's drunken friends spilled a drink on it***, and the bag of 3.5" floppy discs I used with it are...probably not worth keeping hold of. Really. Honestly. Chuck. Get rid of. Don't need. Can't very well use. Has been outdated and replaced by OpenOffice. Or Microsoft Word, if desperate.

Even if it is tempting to try to get hold of a 3.5" drive just to see if there's anything on the actual discs worth keeping... Get out.

* I'm an obsessive hoarder. I have a collection of obsessives in the spare room.

** Seriously. Books, CDs, DVDs, magazines - at one point I had a pretty much complete run of Radio Times going back about 20 years until, shortly before we moved in together, Sarah persuaded me to get rid of at least some of them. Well, if I've bought it, why would I want to throw it away? I also don't like throwing away Christmas and birthday cards that people have sent us. People took time and effort to write and send those cards. Throwing them away seems disrespectful.

*** It would work fine until you typed one of about five characters, after which EVERYTHING WOULD COME OUT ALL IN CAPITALS. The work around to this was to then, after typing everything, select everything, change it all to lower case (which could be done with one keystroke) and then meticulously change all the letters that needed to be capitals, back to capitals. It was, suffice it to say, a wee bit of unnecessary hassle...****

**** Sarah's story about one of her colleagues spilling a magnum of champagne on their computer keyboard is funnier. Ask her to tell you that one some time.