November 1st, 2012

Star Wars - shoot straight


On the radio yesterday, there was a conversation about the imminent new Star Wars films, and also what folks thought of the originals.

One person had texted in to say, "I've never watched the Star Wars films, because I've got a life."

Oh, dear. Because, obviously, watching six of the most successful films in history is obviously indicative of not having a life...

Excuse me while I sulk over here in the corner...
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Had something happen earlier today (so trivial that I can't even remember what it was) that reminded me of Jane.

I think I'm mostly over that phase of my life. Most of the "obvious" causes of depression tend to be related to other, more recent issues. But thinking about her still made me upset.
Supernatural - Jensen leg guitar

US TV question

Does anyone have any idea when Supernatural season 8, Leverage season 5, and Revolution, are going to be airing on UK TV? And indeed what channels they're likely to show up on?

Am glad Elementary has started airing, and the latest (and last, :-( ) season of Fringe, and have Sky+d the first couple of episodes of Arrow to see if I like it. Oh, and because John Barrowman's in it, of course. :-)

Speaking of Mr Holmes, this looks like it should be good fun. :-)

I miss the days when Chuck was a regular fixture on the "US shows to keep up with" list. :-(