November 5th, 2012

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Bond yay!

This arrived in the post today:

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I think that means I've got pretty much a full set of Bond novels; at any rate,

  • All the Fleming novels, plus the two short story collections (although I don't think I've got any collection that contains the 007 in New York story)
  • Colonel Sun
  • The John Pearson Bond biography.
  • The Christopher Wood film novelisations.
  • (Now) a full set of the Gardner novels (& novelisations)
  • The Raymond Benson novels and novelisations (not his short stories, though).
  • Devil May Care and Carte Blanche
  • The Charlie Higson Young Bond novels, and the book containing his short stories.

So, I don't have some of the short stories; I also don't have The Moneypenny Diaries (I feel I ought to from a completist point of view, but I don't know if I'm missing anything vital), or "The Adventures of James Bond Junior 003½", and then after that we're into totally unofficial stuff. I guess I could try to track down a copy of The Killing Zone... *g*
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

And, from the offices of the Daily Silly...

According to anonymous sources at Scotland Metre, police earlier today arrested a battery and a firework.

When asked for a statement, the police said, "oh, don't be daft. Batteries and fireworks are inanimate objects and therefore incapable of committing crimes. Why on earth would we arrest them?"

In other news, Prince Charles recently announced that his dog now has no nose. The Daily Silly asked him, "how does it smell?" His response was, "It doesn't. It doesn't have a nose."

Furthermore, David Cameron recently announced that his wife had gone to Jamaica. We at the Daily Silly asked, "oh, West Indies?" "No," said the PM. "She went of her hang on, we got that wrong, didn't we..?"

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