November 19th, 2012

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

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  • Sun, 15:50: RT @JenniferHiggie: Why did Karl Marx's toilet play music when it flushed? Because of the violins inherent in the cistern.
  • Sun, 15:58: Congratulations to @VictoriaCoren and @RealDMitchell on their wedding. Hope you have many happy years together. :-)
  • Sun, 21:04: RT @DMReporter: SCIENCE: Large Hadron Collider at CERN dubbed a ‘fiasco’ after scientists admit they only use very small hadrons.
  • Mon, 04:02: RT @DeathStarPR: If you name your kid Luke and don't say, "No. I AM your father" at least once a day, you're pretty much the worst dad ever.