November 21st, 2012

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Women bishops

Okay, am I allowed a rant?

I mean, yes, okay, there's that bit in the Bible where Paul says that a woman shouldn't be in a position of leadership over a man. He should see my marriage... And that passage has been debated to death, and if I'm honest about it I don't actually know where I stand on it.

And there's loads of people who say that the church should be dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st century (well, someone on a 'phone-in on the radio this morning said the 22nd century - Freudian slip or deliberate?), and should modernise and be relevant.

And then somewhere in the middle, there's people like me. For me, being a Christian is essentially about trying to stay faithful to the calling which (I believe) God has placed on my life. And I hope the same is true for other Christians. Certainly I believe that ought to be true for Christians who are in some form of ordained ministry; whatever title you want to give it - whether you're a minister, a vicar, a pastor, a bishop, an archbishop, a deacon, one of the various ranks in the Salvation Army, whatever you're doing isn't about a career, it's about being called by God to serve the people within your denomination (or, indeed, beyond it).

And I've met many wonderful women whom God has called into a position of ordained ministry or some other teaching or preaching position within their denomination. And I honestly think - if their denomination can't recognise that calling, or places a limit on the extent to which they can recognise it...that's really sad.

I consider myself really grateful that I'm part of the Methodist church, where although we don't have bishops and archbishops, we've had women in various positions of leadership, from ministers of individual churches, up through superintendent ministers, chairs of district, to vice-president and president of conference. The world hasn't self-destructed as a result. I really hope that the C of E can one day take that step forward.

</end of rant>
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We have the technology...

25 years ago (was it really 25 years? My, how time flies), I'd have said that Star Cops seemed to me mostly plausible as a vision of what things would be like in 2027 were it not for one thing - Box. The notion of a device being able of understanding human speech seemed okay, although not really up to what my old BBC B was capable; being able to partake in realistic-sounding conversations, however, seemed rather far-fetched.

And then last night I got my first experience of Siri, and...okay, some of the voice/speech recognition is a bit duff, but all things considered, I reckon we could be on course for Box to be a realistic idea.

Of course, all we now need is some manned bases on the moon and in orbit that need an International Space Police Force.

As for Nathan having that TV set wheeled over to him in the restaurant so he can follow a news story (a 4:3 CRT one as well, not a widescreen plasma job) instead of watching it via iPlayer on a smartphone, well, maybe he's just old skool..?
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Blame it on the bassline.

So, apropos of virtually nothing at all I decided I'd put together a list of songs. I'm calling it Songs With Really Kickass Basslines, which has a certain ring to it.

Here's my list so far. The criteria, really, is the basslines have to be in some way interesting (if they just sit at the bottom of the song playing the root of the chord in 1/4s, 1/8s or 1/16s, they're unlikely to be of any great interest to me), or particularly loud in the mix, or both. Although, my list, my rules. :-) Nevertheless, if you think I've missed anything, I'd be interested to know.

(Couldn't be bothered faffing around with embed codes, but there are Youtube links for all the songs. Some of them are just the song with the album art, so not much to write home about.)

The Church, My Little Problem One of my favourite bands, and as bassplayer and lead singer Steve Kilbey always seems to give himself some entertaining stuff to do. This is one of my favourites of theirs.

Queen, Radio Ga Ga Brilliant mix of John Deacon's live bass and programmed synth bass.

Fleetwood Mac, Tusk Weird song, weird bass. Pleasantly loud in the mix.

Fleetwood Mac, The Chain It's iconic, really, innit? (Yes, I just said "innit". It won't happen again...)

Phil Collins, Two Hearts So sue me, I like some Phil Collins music. This is brilliant. The bass just dances around the song, and is pleasantly loud too.

Pet Shop Boys, Always on my Mind/In my House Starts off as a mix with a totally different arrangement to the regular single version (and the bass seems to be rather bizarrely pitched wrt the rest of the song). Then after the "In my house" bridge section, the original mix comes crashing on, and from about 5m 50s onwards it's totally "everything but the kitchen sink," including the original bassline and this new one running side by side.

Orange Juice, Rip it Up Synth bassline again, but really again, something special about this, IMO.

So, yeah, anything else folks think I've missed? Might be something I don't know, or just something I don't even know. Don't be afraid to speak up!
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Have just realised...

...that HR at my place d'employ still has my old Chelmsford address, the one I officially moved out of back in August 2009 and haven't lived in since July 2010. Oh well, that's nice and organised of them. (Yeah, I'm a fine one to talk about being organised...)

Have also realised that today is a nicely palindromic date. 21/11/12.

Which means that at 11 minutes and 12 seconds past nine tonight, it's going to be 21:11:12 on 21/11/12. Which is nice.

(Also? In two days time, it'll be 23/11/12. Doctor Who will be 49. Just sayin'...)
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