December 18th, 2012

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Feeling a bit grey..?

So, yesterday Sarah and I went into London to see The Hobbit in the company of multiclassgeek and zoeiona. That's not actually the point of this post, but Collapse ). Afterwards we had a meal at a nearby Nando's (gosh, quelle surprise!), and the geeky conversation turned to the question of whether, at some point, Jackson'll recut the Lord of the Rings film to replace the scene of Ian Holm as Bilbo finding the ring (can't remember which one it's in, possibly Fellowship) with Martin Freeman as Bilbo finding the ring. I'm torn between, "it'd be cool," and, "there's no way I'd fork out for another copy of the movie just for one scene's difference." Also, that's very much a George Lucas thing rather than a Peter Jackson thing, as far as I can tell (although I'm guessing there'll be an extended DVD out next December...)

Anyway, the Hobbit wasn't the actual point of this post. The point was this:

There are adverts for the Fifty Shades of Grey books saying, "give her what she wants this Christmas." I'm going to leave aside, for the time being, that it seems to be phrased to suggest a wee bit of sexual innuendo, and the fact that it's a bit sexist to presume that only women will be interested in the books, shall instead say that quite frankly if anyone I know, man or woman, wants those books for Christmas, I think I'd disown want badly written fanfic porn, there are several LJ comms that collect the stuff, never mind the ones where it gets posted in the belief that it's actually good... ^_^
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