December 26th, 2012

Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

Rather obscurely (and a wee bit OCD-ly...)... of the Christmas presents I received yesterday was this (I say that, it may have been a birthday present, I wasn't entirely keeping track).

Anyhew, thanks to a wee bit of ripping of the right tracks (with the exception of two which weren't on there, but one of those two was on another CD*) I've been able to create a near perfect digital recreation of this. I did rip copy from vinyl of side 2 earlier in the year, but the results were less than stellar thanks to my copy being, to use a technical phrase, "scratched to buggery and back."

So, I call that "result".

*The missing tracks? Well, one was Dudley Simpson's music from The Mind of Evil, which turns up in renamed form on this album. Easy. The other? Well, the version of the Doctor Who theme on BBCRW21 isn't the same as that on BBCWR-AR. And the BBCRW21 version isn't widely available (if at all) except on BBCRW21. This is thanks to it being (according to Mark Ayres) a "bad edit" version. So presumably he's "doing a Lucas" and making sure only the correct one is used. Which is a tad annoying, and will (as I'm a bit of a purist) entail a vinyl rip of that track to get the full BBCRW21 listening experience.

Still, could be worse.
Coupling - Stuck in the Giggle Loop

In other OCD news...

...have just used a combination of Tim's offair copy of episode 2 of Wyrd Sisters and Sarah's compilation DVD to produce a near-perfect rendition of how it would have originally looked. (Tim's copy being a bit fluttery, thanks to being an LP recording and the tracking going awry in places, it was mainly used to source opening and closing credits and ad break bumpers). Episodes 3 & 4 to go...

Happy bunny here. Slightly saddened by the whole "having to be up at the crack of dawn to go to work" thing... ^_^ Still, at least I've got a job.