January 3rd, 2013

Doctor Who - The Snowmen pic

Who Dares?

So, according to Ye Olde Wikipedia, The Human League used the following synths and other bits of kit in recording their classic album Dare (now available as a reissued double album with bonus tracks and Fascination. A must for all self-respecting '80s music lovers):

Casio M10
Casio VL-1
Korg 770
Korg Delta
Linn LM-1
Roland Jupiter-4
Roland MC-8
Roland System 700
Yamaha CS-15

Suffice it to say, I should very much like to own these. Sarah would, in all likelihoood, say, "but you've got enough keyboards!!!" (She's wrong. I've only got four. And anyway, the Roland MC-8 isn't a keyboard, so that doesn't count.) In fairness to her, most of them I suspect are available in softsynth form, or at least as near as dammit is to dommit soundalikes, but, y'know, that's not the point... :-)
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Doctor Who - The Snowmen pic


...Christmas UniChall, and having an urge to scream at the telly every time Mr Paxman mentions "the magi, or three kings," on the basis that they weren't kings and nobody knows how many of them there were.

(The fact that this forms a large part of the sermon I've just written for Sunday night - in which I've decided that "the indeterminate number of astrologers"* is the most pedantically accurate description of them - may be at least partly to blame for this urge...)

*Yeah, it wouldn't make a terribly good song...