March 17th, 2013

Welsh flag


If Sarah feels better later (she had a migraine, which became a bad headache, and is now a slight headache) we have a vague plan to go out later, possibly to TGI's, which - given the result of the Six Nations - will adopt a somewhat celebratory nature and may involve us wearing Sarah's Welsh rugby tops.

After suggesting this, it occurred to me that this will be a particularly bizarre thing to do when loads of people will be out celebrating St. Patrick's Day, and will be rendered even more ironic by Italy having thrashed Ireland yesterday.

Mmm. There may need to be pizza. ^_^
Merlin - with torch

Build high for happiness.

So, Sarah and I have just got back from TGI's, which was quite pleasant. I wish they wouldn't smother so much of their food in Jack Daniels glaze (I presume it's possible to ask them not to...never quite had the nerve to ask), but I avoided that anyway by having the Cajun chicken ciabatta. Yummy. :-)

Having not been there for a while, we'd managed to forget that it's the sort of place that plays lots of loud music at you. Sarah wished she'd taken her earplugs. I did suggest that we forget it and head to the Harvester about a minute down the road, but 'twas not to be.

Anyway. One of the songs they played was We Built This City by Starship. Now...say what you like about the song - I rather like it, both as a song and for the nostalgic memories it brings back; other people's mileage clearly differs, and I suspect your opinion may be influenced by whether you remember one of Starship's earlier incarnations (I don't), but...

Many, possibly most, pop songs have some sort of instrumental break, a guitar solo or somesuch. We Built This City has a DJ voiceover solo. That, IMHO, is stylishly different. :-)

ETA: Clicky link to the video.

ETA 2: although that video doesn't include the DJ voiceover solo. Cheek!

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