March 29th, 2013

Merlin - with torch

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Okay, just came across this ad when I was sorting through some old stuff on Ye Olde Skye+ Boxxe, and the first thing I thought was, is that Richard Curtis at about 3 seconds in..? Looking at it again, I'm not so sure it is, but I just thought I'd throw it out there for anyone else who either knows for certain, or would like to take a wild stab in the dark*...

*Insert Blackadder II quote here, should you wish...
Mini me

Somebody (possibly @thefridgeman) has got to be able to help me out here...

So, back in 2002, Tony Hawks released one of his series of "drunken bet" novels, One Hit Wonderland, in which he attempts to get a second top twenty hit single (following on from his earlier hit, Stutter Rap). I think 11 years is long enough that the spoiler statute of limitations has kicked in, so what the heck - he succeeds by co-writing, with Tim Rice, a hit for Norman Wisdom which becomes a hit in Albania.

At the time, there was a television series about which...not much seems to be known. I sometimes think I'm the only one who actually knows it existed. But exist it does. I should know, I've got copies of it. At least...I've got very patchy, scratchy copies of it. I've only got seven episodes (I suspect there was at least more, but no online source actually states how many episodes there were of it; I say that, imdb seems to be the only online source that even mentions it, and details there are few), and most of the ones I have are missing beginnings, endings or both, as well as having a fair bit of tape drop-out. What I can tell you is that it went out on the Discovery channel in August 2002.

So, simple question - does anyone, of all the people I know over Livejournal, Facebook and Twitter, have the whole thing, all however many complete episodes, that I can borrow in order to complete my collection? Or, failing that, could it be please be brought out on some kind of official DVD release? That would be pleasant.

All help gratefully received. In the meantime, have a Youtube video of Norman Wisdom performing Big in Albania: