April 20th, 2013

H2G2 - logo

You mean the way the sea stays steady as a rock and the buildings keep washing up and down?

Ripping a few CDs into iTunes (on the basis that they've been sitting on, and therefore clogging up, the lounge floor for a few months and it would be nice to get them done and therefore moved out of the way). Have reached BBC Radiophonic Workshop - A Retrospective, and I find myself wondering why, exactly, one of Paddy Kingsland's pieces from The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy is called "Brighton Pier". Wouldn't "Southend Pier" be more accurate*?

And why has there not been a proper CD release of Mr Kingsland's music from H2G2? It's something that really ought to happen some time soon. That and Roger Limb's The Box of Delights.

*Or to be really really pedantically accurate, "A Simulacrum of Southend Pier Experienced By Ford and Arthur After Being Picked Up By The Starship Heart of Gold Whilst It Was Travelling At Infinite Improbability," but that's not a particularly catchy title. I guess.

ETA: Oh, I'd forgotten how bl**dy marvellous Peter Howell's The Astronauts is...
Lord of the Rings - Gollum 1

Achievement unlocked

For the first time since I came to own it several Christmasses ago (probably about 10, but I've lost count), I now have the entirety of the 1981 radio adap of The Lord of the Ring on my iTunes. Also, Neverwhere, both the recent Dirk Maggs adap and the author's preferred text reading (as whole chapters, unlike the actual CD). That's a few long journeys sorted out, then... :-)

On a related note, although the probability is that, when replacing my lost wedding ring, we'll go for the same as I had before (i.e. Russian wedding ring), this is a.) seriously tempting, and b.) about half the price... However, it doesn't match Sarah's. Also, realistically, only one person in this house can wear the One Ring, and I suspect that Sarah will be miffed if it's not her. I suspect I shall be forced to wear one of the nine. My transformation into a Nazgul is imminent...