April 22nd, 2013

Doctor Who - Eleven Cold War

Boldly going forward, still can't find reverse...

I could very much be tempted by this new Star Trek film. Okay, mainly because it's got Benedict Cumberbatch in it. Not that I've got anything against Star Trek, I've just never been a big fan and never gone out of my way to follow it or anything. But yeah, Benedict Cumberbatch.

Also, just caught the trailer for the new Derek Jacobi/Ian McKellen sitcom between parts of Broadchuch, and...okay, it's an ITV sitcom, I'm not holding out any great hopes for it, but on the other hand I'd happily hear those two read out the Hemel Hempstead 'phone directory.

I guess my Broadchurch theory was a bit left field, but even so I'm disappointed to be proven wrong...
Doctor Who - Eleven Cold War

Broadchurch - spoiler free comment.

David Tennant and Olivia Colman are, IMO, two of the finest actors of their generation. I mean, the whole darned cast was strong, but those two together...just marvellous. There was one scene in particular tonight which...was worth the licence fee. Except we don't pay ITV the licence fee, but you know what I mean...

Also, Broadchurch's Facebook has a bonus scene set at Danny's wake. I'm assuming shot for the programme but cut for reasons of time, rather than specially shot for Facebook. But anyway...ends with the interesting caption, "Broadchurch will return". Which is odd, 'cos it struck me as very much a self-contained serial. Still, if it can maintain that quality, I'm not complaining.