April 23rd, 2013

Blake's 7 - Shiny Liberator

See also "water is wet".

I love technology.

I love it best when it does what I ask of it.

Fortunately, that appears to be what it's doing right now, so YAY!

Mind you, I wish I wasn't such a purist. Because 50 minutes to get three short (1 minute each) videos looking exactly how I want them to look could be deemed a tad excessive...

It's like coppery or goldy, but made of iron.

Okay...am I missing something? A friend and I would like to see Iron Man 3 in London this weekend. We'd like to see it in 2D (in my case, because the 3D is a post-conversion and I really can't be bothered with 3D unless it was specifically shot in 3D). There are three cinemas in London's Leicester Square, of which two - the Vue and the Empire - don't appear to be showing it at all, and one (the Odeon) seems to be only showing it in 3D.

Seriously, would anyone else with a few minutes spare like to triple check that I'm not imagining it? Major new release, but if I want to see it the centre of West End cinema I can only see it in one cinema, and that not in my preferred format? Weird. I guess it might just be that if no listing is showing, it's sold out, but it doesn't say that...

In the end, I just went for the Vue in Islington instead, but that's not quite the point...oh well. Leicester Square's loss is Islington's gain.