June 14th, 2013

Iron Man lego

Elysium (not the Pet Shop Boys album)

Okay...I've still not seen District 9, but I've heard good things about it, so...new film from its director, starring Matt Damon (who is pretty wonderful) and Jodie Foster (who is one of my favourite actresses in the whole world ever)...should be pretty awesome. Admittedly, the trailer...doesn't exactly make me sit up and go "wow", but it does look interesting...anyone up for seeing it with me when it comes out?

Iron Man lego

This, also...

...needs to be filed under "looks interesting." Less of a "I definitely want to start following this" vibe to this one, though, but could be worth a watch...

Iron Man lego

And finally, in "trailer spam"...

...from the moment I first heard about this and saw a teaser trailer, my thought was, "this is what happens when you let a really really good director direct a Transformers film...and then realise you have to file off the serial numbers because you don't actually have the rights to Transformers..." That opinion still hasn't changed. Looks like it could be rather epic.

Mini me

Oh. :-(

With the end of the Doctor Who DVD range in sight (by the end of this year, all of the extant episodes bar one will have been released...well, unless you believe the rumour that a metric f***ton of episodes have been found somewhere overseas, and frankly I don't), some of the earlier releases are being re-issued in special editions with extra special features and improved picture quality. One such re-issue is Inferno, Jon Pertwee's fourth serial. If you haven't see it, I recommend the story anyway because it's wonderful, and if you have the original DVD, I recommend an upgrade because quite frankly those bods at the Doctor Who Restoration Team have got it looking absolutely marvellous.


When I replace old discs, sometimes the originals are, well, just plain normal, so they go in the charity shop pile. Sometimes, though, Sarah or I have got them signed at conventions, signings, events, etc., and so we keep the originals (but up in the attic to save space in the lounge).

When I looked at our original copy of Inferno, I realised we'd be keeping it because it has, indeed, been signed.

And I got a bit unhappy because of who had signed it, and the fact that they're no longer with us.

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RIP, Nick. RIP, Caroline. :-(