July 14th, 2013

Doctor Who - Seventies pr0n Colin

Big start, with hopefully a big finish at the end...

My Latest Project involves a.) ripping all my Big Finish Doctor Who main range audios to audiobook format and then b.) filling in the gaps in my collection (one has to have some sort of finite cut-off point, and Big Finish have so many Doctor Who ranges that sticking to the main range seems like a good idea...although I already have some titles from the other ranges; just call me a glutton for punishment).

There's been the occasional surprise along the way. Discovering how many I've actually got, for a start (it helps that up until about 2005 I bought pretty much all of the Paul McGann stories, and they form the bulk of my collection). Finding out that one of the Bang-Bang-a-Boom! discs had a crack in it was less cheerful. As was the fun and games involving Project: Lazarus.

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