July 26th, 2013

Iron Man lego


Y'know that thing where you were doing something long and fiddly and time-consuming and you find an app that dramatically reduces how long it takes to do?

Well, that.

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Punctuation question...

...oh combined Livejournal/Facebook hivemind.

For a story I'm in the process of beginning to write.

I have a character, called Pen Adams. I'm referring to her husband.

Should I write, "Mrs Adams' husband" or "Mrs Adams's husband"? I'm normally pretty hot on matters of apostrophe use, but I will admit that this is one I'm never 100% sure of. Is it just down to personal choice (my instinct is to go for the former), or is there a definitive right or wrong answer? I mean, I could just change her surname (ISTR for a few days she was Pen Harper, which admittedly would be easier), but heck, I'm sure it's going to come up again in future, so it'd be nice to know properly once and for all.