July 31st, 2013

Doctor Who - Eleven home


Thanks to my beloved huntingospray, I shall be going to The Doctor Who Experience next month, and shall specifically be taking in the TARDIS set tour, a fact which has me...well, actually, right now I'm curiously casual and relaxed about it, but give me time and no doubt I'll be gibbering like a loon and squeeing like the fangirl I am, because quite frankly, going onto the real, live, actual TARDIS set? W00t!!! Also, the Experience itself is marvellous - at least it was marvellous in its London-based incarnation. I know there've been additions since it moved to Cardiff, so it's almost certainly even better.

There is also a tour of Cardiff Doctor Who locations. Which sounds fun. :-)

Doctor Who - Ooh nice arse

In other Doctor Who news...

...Big Finish, excellent producers of Doctor Who-related audio plays (and, indeed, ranges based on other genre "franchises" such as Highlander and Stargate), have announced that Peter Davison, Janet Fielding and Sarah Sutton will, finally, be reuniting with Matthew Waterhouse as Adric next year for some season 19-set adventures.

I mention this partly because I regard it as good news in and of itself (shut up. I liked Adric. Yeah, I am the guy with unpopular fandom opinions). Partly because I wonder if it will lead to, well, other reunions? (Say, some Adric/Fourth Doctor adventures? Even, some Adric/Fourth Doctor/Romana II adventures? Even if Tom and Lalla and Matthew have to be recorded in separate booths, in separate studios, in separate countries, on separate days...it'd be worth it). But mainly because I don't often blog about Adric, so it's a rare opportunity to use that userpic. *ahem*

Time travel

Also next month (or, very nearly: *this* month)...

...and also thanks to m'beloved lady wife, I'm going to Nine Worlds, aka GeekFest, aka a sci-fi/fantasy/general geeky stuff convention taking place "in London" (for which read, in a couple of hotels at Heathrow Airport) on the weekend of August 9th - 11th.

I'm having a bit of a problem with it. The Problem (yes, it deserves a capital letter) is this:

There's so darned much stuff happening!

Even more than at EasterCon or Easter People, the chances are that whatever I decide to do in any given time slot, there will be at least two or three other things that I'll regret missing as much as I enjoy whatever I do go to.

I think, on balance, what I really need is a functioning time machine so I can actually do everything I'd like to that weekend. If anyone can help out on that front, please let me know. Heck, just a time turner would be useful...