August 2nd, 2013

Doctor Who - nightmares static

Doctor Who?

So, yeah. Apparently, the identity of the actor to play the new Doctor will be announced in a special live programme on BBC1 on Sunday night. Not sure why. Back in the day it used to be just announced on the news. Oh well.

There are rumours that it's a well-known Irish actor. And for some reason, Chris O'Dowd has been strongly rumoured recently. I'm not sure whether that's a case of O'Dowd is particularly rumoured, or just a case of, "who's a well-known Irish actor? Oh, I know..."

Honestly? Much as I enjoyed The IT Crowd, I can't really see him as Doctor material. Still, keep an open mind, and all of that.

However, just recently, someone posted this picture of Robert Sheehan (formerly of Misfits, although he's done a load of other stuff which I'll admit to not having seen).

He's Irish. He's a good actor - from what I've heard, a great actor. Okay, he'd be the youngest Doctor by some way. But, in a "channelling his inner McGann/Pertwee" he definitely looks the part in this picture...

We'll find out on Sunday. If it doesn't leak before then (and...I wouldn't be surprised if it does. This has not been the BBC's year for Keeping Things Secret...).
Doctor Who - Zagreus

In other...

...more personal Doctor Who-related news, my quest to eventually collect all the Main Range Big Finish audios means that I now have the first twelve stories, currently sitting pretty on my shelf (well, except for The Sirens of Time, which I got as a download; I prefer physical media where possible, but I'm not going to buy stuff twice*) and also on my iPad. I have more than just those first twelve - according to the spreadsheet I've set up to keep track of things, I've got 30.77% of the stories released so far, but having that consecutive run seems rather neat to me. Thanks to the whole "having bought the Paul McGann titles when they came out" thing, I'm just three stories away from having a complete run of the first 20, which'll be particularly nice.

*Except where occasionally discs are missing or broken. Or just by accident. Anyone want a spare copy of The Genocide Machine?