August 4th, 2013

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Bits and bobs

I've just been reminded how awesome this song is:

I mean, seriously, who else but the Pet Shop Boys would even think about doing an up-tempo pop dance song about bodysnatching in the 19th century? Stylish. I'd quite like to do a fanvid of it set to clips from the recent Simon Pegg/Andy Serkis Burke & Hare film. This will kind of necessitate buying a copy of said film, but that's not exactly a problem.

You know that thing when there are multiple people with the same name listed on IMDB, so they get a number after their name? Well, I was just doing a bit of looking up earlier today, and apparently, Matt Smith - the one currently playing the eleventh Doctor in TV's Doctor Who - is Matt Smith number 11. Or number XI. You couldn't make this sort of thing up, could you?

Had a very good and thought-provoking morning service at Hemel Hempstead Methodist Church (thanks to Vindra and Nikki. Also, it was Sarah's first time as a vestry steward), spinning off from Paul's experience on the Damascus Road and into the idea that God is constantly at work in us and transforming us. Made the point that my own experience was more of an Aldersgate Street one than a Damascus Road one. :-)

In the course of the service, we learned that Vindra, our minister, has in the last week watched all three series of Downton Abbey thanks to the wonders of Netflix. Now, I have no problem with her discovering that particular programme (I've never seen it myself, but hey, to each their own), or indeed discovering Netflix (hey - I love it myself), but, I have to ask - if our minister has time to watch all 25 episodes over the space of week, are we maybe not quite working her hard enough?! ^_^

Also, you know how when Prince changed his name to an unpronounceable symbol, he became known (if not officially) as "The Artist Formerly Known as Prince," or TAFKAP for short? I sometimes think of Paul as "The Apostle Formerly Known as Saul of Tarsus," or TAFKASOT. Is this wrong of me??! See also the fact that whenever I find a new hymn book, I always check to see which hymn is number 666. Y'know, just out of curiousity...

Oh, we were taught this song as part of the service. Well, I already knew it, as did the choir, who learned it the other week. Not sure how many other people knew it, but hey, we're Methodists and we were in good voice. As it's, IMO, a great song, I thought I'd share it.

Now. Lunch.
Rover demands an explanation


You know, if More4 would repeat some episodes of Time Team they haven't shown countless times before, I might actually come close to collecting the full set. Seriously, just worked my way through their output from the past three weeks or so and only found two episodes I didn't already have...

Having said that, they seem to be on the verge of showing some episodes from series 12 that I'm missing. Better not jinx it...