August 6th, 2013

Doctor Who - Capaldi is the Doctor

Welcome to the Doctor Who family, Mr. Capaldi.

So, a couple of days ago, the BBC posted a video of Peter Capaldi introducing himself as the new Doctor.

And I thought, ooh, interesting, he's against a fairly neutral background - it should be vaguely easy to fudge a green screen background (easy, but time-consuming as the only way I could find to do it involved breaking it down into its individual frames, adding the green screen element manually, which even using GIMP's Fill tool took time, and then recompiling the individual frames into a movie; man, if it had been longer than 5 1/2 seconds, I think I'd've given up...) and then having him introducing himself in front of something more, shall we say, relevant.

After a bit of wondering what that "something" would be, I hit on the idea of using a classic series credit sequence, which would be particularly practical given that the clean credit sequences have all been released on various classic series DVDs over the years. I initially toyed with using the Peter Davison sequence, but then decided against that, because it actually features Davison's face. Eventually, after weighing up the options, I decided on the closing sequence from Jon Pertwee's final year - the first of Bernard Lodge's "slit scan" sequences. Fake it up with some credits (The Doctor - Peter Capaldi) in hopefully more or less the right font...yay!

And then, shortly after I'd started work on the project, I found this article. Mr Capaldi, in his days as a fully paid up member of the original Doctor Who fan club, had actually written a fanzine article about the slit scan title sequences! It was meant to be! (And I decided to add a little reference to the article in the credits...)

Anyway. A bit of fun. Enjoy, hopefully!