August 18th, 2013

Doctor Who - Zagreus

That Big Finish project of mine...

I've now got the first 20 Doctor Who Main Range Big Finish audios, both in lovely physical shiny CD form (well, except for The Sirens of Time, which I bought as a m4b download from BF) and ripped to audiobook format in my iTunes.

I already have 12 of the next 20 (with one more on order), and 12 of the next 20 after that. Although after that, the amount I've already got gets a bit more slender (only 7 of the following 20, and a paltry 5 of the following 20). Still, quite a large chunk of the ones I'm missing are as low as £3:00 on Amazon Marketplace, so, over time I hope to build up the collection.

Of course, realistically, at some point, space considerations dictate that the CDs will end up being put into storage and then the audiobooks backed up to DVD-R (it looks like twenty of them might fit onto one DVD-R, which would be lovely and convenient, but it might not quite work out like's a bit tight. It might have to be fifteen instead).

Anyways, got to get ready for church. Am playing the Posh Yamaha Keyboard this morning...
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    Peter Davison, Mark Strickson: BF DW-MR 020 Loups-Garoux E01