September 18th, 2013

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Oh, my aching sides*

Investigating possible eateries for Friday (for reasons which I will explain later), I am highly amused (possibly more so than ought to be the case) to discover that there is a branch of Nando's on Cheapside. The amusement stems mainly from the fact that Cheapside becomes - and on the map, the Nando's branch appears to be right next to - Poultry.

*That'll be a bowl of creamy mash and a grilled corn on the cob, please.
Stargate SG1 - cast & logo

Future things we're looking forward to.

  • Tomorrow is mine and huntingospray's 4th wedding anniverary. No, 4th is not a particularly significant number, but heck, it's our anniversary, so we shall celebrate it by being happy together - and, to be honest, not much more on the actual day, because we're getting home from our respective places of employ, grabbing a quick fish and chip supper, and then heading round to stop at Sarah's mum's for the night, in readiness for...

  • Friday. On which date, Sarah goes to the Barbican (accompanied by me, her mum, and possibly her sister) to don gown and mortarboard, be given fake scroll to pose with in photos, and attend her OU graduation ceremony. She has been awarded a 2:1 in history (her final essay/dissertation-y thing was about the use of myth in culture; the myth she chose was the Minotaur, and my fellow Doctor Who fans will be delighted to know that she made extensive reference to - and indeed, provided a DVD of clips (which it was my pleasure to compile for her) from - The Horns of Nimon. We'll be going out for a meal afterwards which will be partly a wedding anniversary celebration as well, and then we've talked about possibly going up in the London Eye (I've gone before, Sarah hasn't). Sadly, plans to possibly go to the London Aquarium have fallen by the wayside, as Sarah sprained her ankle a few weeks back and is still finding walking a struggle.

  • As noted yesterday, amongst other televisual stuff, the start of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on Channel 4 next Friday is a particular highlight to look forward to, IMO.

  • Hitchhiker's Live. We'll be at Aylesbury, and if last year's is anything to go by, it should be great fun. I shall, at some point beforehand, be purchasing a copy of this and heading round to the stage door afterwards and waggling it vaguely in Mr. Benn's direction (Mitch, not the '70s animated TV character) in the hope of him scribbling something in it. Also, hoping not to miss Geoffrey McGivern like I did last time...

  • Our Honeyversary. For those not in the know, our honeyversary is we week-long holiday taken around our wedding anniversary (in principle; in practice, because my annual leave year runs start of October - end of September, it normally works out slightly more convenient to have it at the start of October). This year, for various reasons, it starts on October 12th, and we're going on a week-long boating holiday on the Norfolk Broads - this is the boat we'll be on.

  • Novacon, which, for various reasons, we'll be going to. Looks like a pleasantly low key convention and a pleasant weekend away.

  • The Doctor Who 50th anniversary. For, well, obvious reasons. I shall be at the Big 50th celebration at the ExCel arena on the day itself, and although there's a wealth of TV programming to celebrate the show's birthday and I probably won't even be able to keep up with, never mind watch, all that's going on, I shall as a minimum be watching the 50th anniversary episode and the docudrama. Unlike some people, my enthusiasm for the show, in all its forms (current series included), continues unabated and I have no doubt that the anniversary special will be fabulous and shiny and sparkly and wonderful.

Yeah. Lots and lots to look forward to. Also, at a more general, am trying (and so far, managing) to make a bit of time each day to do some general tidying up and cleaning and washing up, and generally get the house to a position where I can invite people in without feeling vaguely ashamed about the quality of my living space...
Mini me

Beautiful song...

While love lives, while suns set,
While snow moons rise in November skies.

While ties bind, while souls cry,
While oceans ride in an endless tide.

While love grows, while blood flows,
While truth is real you need never feel alone.

Are you lonely?

What seems to hurt the most is giving up the ghost,
So tell me are you lonely?
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    All About Eve - Are you lonely?
Man Overboard

I've just realised...

...that despite having watched the actual film of Titanic far more times than I've watched Queer as Folk*, I can't punch the air and yell "King of the world!!!"** without thinking of Vince Tyler saying, "I'm always Kate Winslett..."

(Which was, thinking about it, a goof on RTD's part - surely the "King of the World" moment was when Jack was with Fabrizio, not Rose..? I suppose, "I'm always Danny Nucci..." might have confused the audience...)

I may need help...

*Indeed, far more times than many people might think is strictly good for me.

**Which, despite being strictly anti-monarchy, I do rather a lot...