October 10th, 2013

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Meme - day eight

Day eight - what's in your handbag?

Well, I don't have a handbag as such. In fact, back when I started doing this meme I didn't have any permanent bag, I just used Tesco carrier bags to carry stuff around in. However, they kept disintegrating with tedious regularity, so a few weeks back - on the day of Sarah's graduation, in fact - I picked up a rather handy satchel sort of thing for £1:50 from the Peace Hospice charity shop in Chorleywood, which so far hasn't let me down. Given that other people doing this meme have posted a picture of both bag and contents, I might do the same, but right now I can't be bothered. And anyway, it's downstairs and I'm not.

Anyhew, what's in it? My iPad Mini; chargers for my iPhone and iPad Mini; headphones; whichever book I'm reading at the moment (which right now is The House at the End of the World by Madeleine Marsh. Dead good it is too.); a tupperware box to take my packed lunch to work in; a bottle of salad cream to accompany my packed lunch at work; my pills (Citalopram, Metformin, and some multi-vitamins) and on a permanent basis, that's it. Depending on whether it will fit, I'll sometimes put a bottle of water, but right now I'm drinking from a two litre bottle which won't fit; sometimes when I leave the house in the morning, I might bung a couple of CDs in there to listen to in the car; oh, and also right now there's a can of this that I haven't drunk, but I had another can of it over the weekend and it seems to do the job in terms of perking me up so I'm saving it for whenever I feel really really knackered.
Stargate SG1 - cast & logo

huntingospray, BA (Hons) History, Open University... (part two)

The official photos have arrived!

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Those, and the other twelve that were taken, came on a rather useful pen drive thingy, although there also printed versions of a couple (which may well be the two I've just posted) in white cardboard frames. We're going to get a proper frame for the one of Sarah alone, and in the meantime it's standing on the shelf next to mine from my graduation day (only about 15 years apart!). We are quite properly The Two Degrees. One more and we can form a pop group.