October 11th, 2013

Doctor Who - Genius at work

I have just three things to say...

Firstly, this:

Secondly, this:

Thirdly, given that the "MEW" version of the missing episodes rumour has turned out to be two-thirds correct, I wonder if there's any hope of Marco Polo really having been discovered? (Although, from what Paul Vanezis is quoted as saying, probably not.)

Still, one complete Troughton and one almost-complete Troughton. Not a bad anniversary present. Oh, apparently there'll be a special story later in the year with Matt Smith and David Tennant and John Hurt, but *meh* to that. (Only joking.)


So, at the moment, the Doctor Who DVD release schedule is as follows:

October 14th: The Tenth Planet

November 25th: Enemy of the World (although it looks like there'll be copies for sale at the Big50th celebration)

February 24th: The Web of Fear

Sometime early next year: Existing episodes of The Underwater Menace and Moonbase, with animated reconstruction of the missing episodes of the latter.

Basically...it's going to be quite an enjoyable few months for us Patrick Troughton fans, isn't it??! *g*
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